What is it?

An annual award recognising BHBIA members who have ‘gone the extra mile’ for the benefit of the BHBIA membership. It is often received by someone who has made a significant contribution to education and/or the promotion of best practice through their involvement in training courses/events, or put exceptional effort into the activities of a committee or working party. BHBIA Members are invited to nominate those individuals who they think have made an outstanding contribution to the organisation and its members during the year.

Why did we win it?

John Aitchison won this jointly with Melanie Bayley of deFacto Research, for their work on leading the BHBIA Response Rate Task Force. Data presented at Conference in May 2015 showed that the industry has been experiencing a decline in healthcare professional response rates in market research. The BHBIA Board felt it was imperative that we started to address the problem whilst we are still able to influence the outcome.

This is an issue that John feels has gone under the radar, yet has the potential to wreck our industry – most obviously, in terms of logistics and feasibility on the supply side, but also the erosion of data quality that can lead to loss of confidence and credibility in market research generally. Over 30 Members, from all tiers of industry, have been involved and – crucially – the work has been evidence led, with the BHBIA commissioning the group to conduct primary qualitative and quantitative research amongst UK health professionals, to understand the issues from their perspective.

The Task Force is due to release its report and recommendations to members, following Board approval, in summer 2017 (once released we will update this page accordingly).