We’re very proud of our awards success. As a specialist consultancy we’ve consistently punched above our weight in terms of doing things first, or differently, or better.


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BHBIA Outstanding Personal Contribution 2016Recognising those who have ‘gone the extra mile’ for the benefit of the BHBIA membership and often received by someone who has made a significant contribution to education and/or the promotion of best practice through their involvement in training courses/events, or put exceptional effort into the activities of a committee or working party. John Aitchison won this jointly with Melanie Bayley of deFacto Research, for their work on leading the BHBIA Response Rate Task Force. This is an issue that John feels has gone under the radar, yet has the potential to wreck our industry – most obviously, in terms of logistics and feasibility on the supply side, but also the erosion of data quality that can lead to loss of confidence and credibility in market research generally. Over 30 Members, from all tiers of industry, have been involved and – crucially – the work has been evidence led, with the BHBIA commissioning the group to conduct primary qualitative and quantitative research amongst UK health professionals, to understand the issues from their perspective. The Task Force report is available to download here
BOBI Awards 2016: WINNER – Excellence in Business AnalyticsThis BOBI award is given to a piece of work that provided new insight, direction, visualisation or revitalisation of current business practice.A LOAD OF NEW BALLS – creating an interactive online data-visualization for respondent profiling (John Aitchison & Martin Conroy, First Line Research)
Judges’ Comments: Easy to read and interesting. Addresses a need that’s definitely increasing with clients, especially Marketing. An innovative approach with a clear application & all done with no budget – wow!
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BHBIA Conference Award 2016: Best WorkshopAn annual award given to the best workshop session at the BHBIA Annual Conference, as determined by participant ratings.Behavioural Economics 2.0
20 ways to PUT behavioural economics theory into market research practice
John Aitchison, Managing Director, First Line Research Ltd
Marie Harrison, Partner, Consortium
Nick Southgate, Behavioural consultant
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BOBI Awards 2015: FINALIST- Excellence in Data Collection & FieldworkAn industry award given to a project or research study that has demonstrated clear benefits in the way that the data and/or respondent information was collected. Entries are open to all types of market research/business intelligence including qualitative, quantitative through to secondary data and analytics. The focus of this award is:

• Generation of insights through delivery of high quality data and/or service
• Improving traditional techniques and/or the introduction of innovative methods
• Clear evidence of tangible positive impact on the UK client business, patients and/or the NHS
Give and Take: using visual and interactive data summaries for mutual client / respondent benefit in brand tracking
Roche and First Line Research incorporated interactive visual summaries of respondent’s data into two online oncology brand trackers. The aim was two-fold. First, to reassure as to the accuracy and quality of data capture. Second, to deliver something of additional and intrinsic value to participants that would make their research experience more rewarding. A solution was designed and programmed that allowed respondents to review their own data in diagrammatic format, make any corrections, and then print-out if they wished. The results were very encouraging, and have persuaded Roche to include such visual summaries as standard in future online brand trackers.
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BOBI Awards 2014: FINALIST- Most Innovative ApproachAn industry award for the successful implementation of an innovative approach in any area of business intelligence. The focus of this award is:

• Development of the new approach to meet the business need
• Generation of added insights that wouldn’t have been revealed using a traditional approach
• Clear evidence of tangible positive impact on the UK client business, patients and/or the NHS
Quick click, no drag! A behavioural approach to the testing of promotional material
Takeda needed to test promotional materials prior to launching into a sensitive therapy area in which they had no heritage. With the potential for muted and misdirected feedback, First Line proposed a suite of interlocking non-introspective techniques, inspired by behavioural and neuro- science
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