Our MD, John Aitchison, is presenting on a behavioural science theme at the BHBIA conference again this year (Tuesday 14th May) and, as usual, is hoping to share and provoke in roughly equal measure! As an industry we’ve been using “System 1” and “System 2” with abandon now for several years, but are we doing it right and could we be left washed up as the tide goes out on such dual system theories? This isn’t just an academic debate, it has profound implications for understanding human decision-making and should therefore be page one, chapter one, for all market researchers. For example, what do we think we are getting with non-conscious / implicit techniques? Whatever it is, it almost certainly isn’t a magical portal into the treasure chest of our mind. Can we ever uncover our ‘true motivations’? Do System 1 and System 2 properly reflect what neuroscience is telling us about how the mind actually works? 

On Wednesday 5th June, John is co-convening the BHBIA’s new behavioural science summit, which has a stellar speaker line-up and loads of early bookings.  This day of ‘TED’-style talks and workshops delivered by senior practitioners will explore current practice and thinking in behavioural science as it applies to healthcare business intelligence. It’s is a fantastic opportunity for healthcare business intelligence people interested in behavioural science – from all sides of the industry – to learn, debate, and network in the company of experienced and like-minded professionals.