When we find fresh evidence, get excited about a development, or have something to say about where we think market research is heading, we’ll share it here. 

An experience not to be repeated?

Market research tells its participants up-front that they, “have the right to withdraw at any time”. Depressingly, this prerogative is being exercised with a frequency that continues to reduce the numbers willing to repeat their research experience. We know that the...

Alternative Christmas reading?

Obviously the first thing we'll all want to do when we click send on our final project email of 2018, is to head off to the nearest coffee shop, pub, or quite possibly even our own front room and catch up on all the intelligent things that have been written about...

Three pioneering plans for 2019

2019 will be a big year at First Line. We have a shiny new brand identity, an ambitious plan to raise online survey standards across the industry, and we'll be taking a fresh look at behavioural science. --- FIRST, WHY THE NEW LOOK ? ---   It will be our fifteenth...

Question Time

Questionnaire designers often sacrifice participant experience in the pursuit of brutal data capture.

Awards success

We're very proud of our awards success. As a specialist consultancy we've consistently punched above our weight in terms of doing things first, or differently, or better.  

Why worry about GDPR?

Because we are a responsible industry populated mostly by sensible folk, we find ourselves going to the nth degree to ensure we follow all the letters of all the new laws.