Most of our work is amongst healthcare professionals, and patients. We have covered almost every major therapy area and significant prescription market. First Line Research is a long-standing member of the British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association (BHBIA) and we regularly contribute to conferences, workshops, task forces, and training events. Over the years we have pioneered online patient diary studies, picked-up projects too challenging for others, and resisted the characterless “automation” of tracking studies.

Healthcare and pharmaceuticals

Our mainstay since 2004 has been conducting high quality quantitative online research amongst health professionals, in the UK and internationally. The therapy area we know best is oncology, but over the years we have covered most of the major medical and device markets.

All our work is bespoke, and we work across industry sectors - so whilst most of our clients are on the supply-side we also work directly for pharma companies, such as Roche, Astellas, AbbVie, and Takeda. Find out more about the awards we've received, and read our Healthcare related blog entries.

Bespoke and complex online projects

We have built our reputation on breaking new technical ground and authoring complex online quantitative surveys. Sometimes the projects we undertake are considered too challenging for others, but most of the time we're in the frame because our client trusts us to build something that will fulfil their objectives.

We can create visually arresting and engaging design with no loss of technical robustness and without sacrificing the involved logic / routing demanded by many questionnaire designers. Ultimately, everyone's end-client is the research participant - if they don't like your survey, it will be reflected in the quality of the outputs.

Trackers and diary studies

We pioneered the use of online diary studies in the healthcare sector, working on behalf of much larger agencies to do so (until they could catch up)! We've since developed those platforms to form the basis of other types of online diary study and continuous tracking projects.

Trackers have come in for criticism in recent years, often for looking tired or for failing to confer full value for money. At First Line we don't just splurge data into PowerPoint charts, and despite our technical bent we don't do "automation". We believe every wave of every tracker should be treated as a stand-alone project in its own right.